Our company has by now matured about a forty-year experience in the field of hunting cartridges.
Eurocomm munizioni was born following an idea of the company founder, mr. Mori Luciano. He originally started loading only 8 Flobert cartridges, then the "unica", the light weapon line, which is our peculiarity. Since then our company experienced a constant growth allowing us, nowadays, to satisfy more than 1.100 professional italian and foreign customers, not to mention the constantly increasing number of hunters.
Thanks to the countless tries and the innumerable ballistic tests we carried out, we have succeeded in designing a cartridge able to satisfy the needs of every single hunter.
Our production is constantly controlled at the national proof house in Gardone Val Trompia in order to provide our customers with a product guaranteeing the correct standards for quality and safety.
It is with obstinacy, will and passion for our work that we consider every goal not as a finishing line, but as a new starting point for a continuous growth.

It is nowadays Claudia, mr. Mori's daughter, together with her husband Stefano, to lead the company. Thanks to the enthusiasm she inherited from her father, she has been leading the company for more than a decade always aiming at best satisfying all customer needs