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Eurocomm Munizioni S.r.l. points out that the use of the sold products is ruled by precise laws that can vary from country to country. Every single User has to get information about the valid norms in force in the country where the products will be used.

Eurocomm Munizioni S.r.l. declines every and all responsibility for illegal and improper use as well as for incorrect use.

Eurocomm Munizioni S.r.l. points moreover out that the suggestions for the use of its own products are merely indicative and refer to the carried out laboratory tests confirmed by the experience matured in the field by its technicians and co-operators.

Eurocomm Munizioni S.r.l. may not exclude that particular hunting situations may lead to specific evaluations that can be different from what suggested.

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Armories: In order to buy our products just download our order form (PDF format) and save it in Your computer, after open it, fill it in, save it again in Your computer and then send it to us by e-mail as attachment (go the page CONTACTS, fill in the form and attach the file).